Cross Country (XC) – Trail and Race Mountain Bike Courses

Take your pick of our Cross Country XC Trail or Race course options and we’ll work tailor your course to you:

Cross Country (XC) – Trail Riding

Do you want to be a singletrack master? We’ve taken all the skills, energy management and time saving essentials from our years of coaching and squeezed them into our trail riding course.

XC MTB Courses

Read what the website Marathon MTB had to say about Firecrest MTB Skills Courses and why you should get some Mountain Bike Skills Training for XC Riding and Racing here:

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Cross Country (XC) – Race

XC MTB Race SkillsMountain Bike Enduro and Cross Country XC racers spend hours honing their fitness only to loose out when the mountain bike trail gets technical. We’ve created this course to give XC racers the edge looking at a everything from line choice through to Jumps, Drops and Pumping this course is guaranteed to have you riding faster, thinking smarter and give you more speed and confidence when the trail gets technical.

Firecrest Mountain Biking have been fortunate to work with XC Racers riding at Regional, National and International Races. Working with National Champions and Podium Regulars for nearly 20 years. Developing and refining the Skills Training we offer to keep our riders at the front of the pack and on the podium come race day!

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We cover the following on your Cross-Country (XC) course:

Why it’s important to get your bike set up right with a focus on understanding:

  • Making the right tyres choice and running the correct tyre pressure.
  • Getting your suspension set up for you and why tuning your suspension to the trail will enable you to ride technical terrain, jumps and drop off’s with more confidence.
  • The benefits of setting your saddle at the right height and how to know when and where to change it.
  • Optimising brake lever  set up to improve the way you ride and develop confidence on your bike.

Improving your skills and confidence on the bike including understanding:

  • The importance of how your Body Position, Footwork, Looking and Speed Control effect how you ride the trail.
  • The composition of the trail and the importance of why the Entry, Section and Exit and how trails are linked and layered are so important.
  • The importance of Energy Management (Pumping) by introducing you to how you can make the bike work with you and gain free energy and speed from the trail.
  • The importance of performance cues and how to ensure they don’t effect how you ride.
  • An introduction to the basic psychology of mountain biking. Including the importance of focusing on the right things at the right time and taking control of your mental game.

Your course will cover all or a selection of the following:

  • Descending
  • Cornering
  • Climbing
  • Roots
  • Jumps
  • Drops
  • Adverse camber
  • Bomb Holes
  • Pumping (Energy Management)

Course Duration and Pricing:

Duration – Any (2hrs minimum)

We have a simple pricing structure for our 1-2-1 Courses: –

1-2-1 – 2 hours MTB Skills Coaching – £100.00
1-2-1 – 3 hours MTB Skills Coaching – £150.00 – Special Offer only £125.00 
1-2-1 – 4 hours MTB Skills Coaching – £200.00

Add additional Participants for £10.00 per person, per hour for up to 4 Participants. 

If your looking to book a Group Course for 5+ participants please Contact Us

Dates – Any time, any date (subject to availability)

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