Firecrest Mountain Biking – Covid-19 Status Update

Having just about survived a very challenging end to 2020 and relocating my coaching to Rushmere Country Park I had hoped for a better start to 2021. However, I have been given the news that I was dreading, but felt once again was going to be inevitable in light of the numbers being reported due to the Covid-19 outbreak, that The Greensands Trust have taken the decision to close the Ridge Riders Trails at Rushmere Country Park.

As a result of this closure I am again as I have been in the previous Lockdowns no longer able to run Mountain Bike Skills Courses on the Downhill and Jump Trails at Rushmere Country Park. There are no easy decisions in these challenging times and no one ever wants to hear that they are unable to run the business that puts food on the table and a roof over their head but I, like many self-employed small business owners, find myself in that challenging position.

Needless to say, I will of course again be offering everyone that’s booked a Course the option to re-book once the third Covid-19 Lockdown is over. Again as a self-employed sole trader in a small business your financial support at this time is much appreciated.

Under the guidance issued by the Government for personal trainers and personal training I can run 1-2-1 courses on the Cross-Country Trails at Rushmere Country Park. Whilst these trails don’t offer the technical challenges that are found on the Ridge Riders Trails there are a number of sections perfect for perfecting your mountain bike skills.

I’m able to work on the fundamentals of the Firecrest MTB Skills System and get you riding faster with more confidence. It’s a great opportunity to get back to basics or to work on those habits that are holding you back on the more technical trails.

Obviously there are concerns over travel during the current Lockdown. As we understand the guidance you are ok to travel if it is for the ‘express purpose of exercise’ so travelling to Rushmere Park for a 1-2-1 MTB skills session would be permitted. There is no legal limit set on the distance you can travel for exercise in England. Obviously we are not suggesting you should travel for hours to come and see us but if you did want to book a session and travels to see us you would be within the rules.

Once again I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, friends and staff for their continued support. Yes, once again we find ourselves in unbelievably challenging times, but getting out for a bike ride will help clear your head and above all it will keep you fit and healthy, with more resilience to fight Covid-19 ‘IF’ you do get it! Stay safe out there and I’ll see you from a safe distance on the Trails (just not on the Ridge Riders Trails until they re-open).