Entires open for the Firecrest MTB – Aston Hill Downhills – Ricochet 12.03.17

Entries are now live for the first of the Firecrest MTB – Aston Hill Downhills which takes place on Aston Hill’s Ricochet Downhill on Sunday 12th March 2017.

Firecrest Mountain Biking is working in Partnership with the Forestry Commission and Aston Hill Bike Park to run two Downhill Races on Aston Hill in 2017. The first takes place on the popular Ricochet Downhill (DH3) on Sunday 12th March 2017.

Last raced back in 2006 Ricochet is one of the faster, flowing Downhill Trails on Aston Hill and the perfect way to open the race season if you haven’t been to any of the winter races and a great Trail for first time racers to give Downhill racing a go.

Firecrest Mountain Biking will be getting Ricochet race ready over the next few weeks with a few tweaks and a bit of race tuning to ensure it’s ready to race. The race run also be using the new bottom section of the Trail to the finish that the Aston Hill Bike Park Committee Volunteers have built. So it’s guaranteed to be a roller coaster run from top to bottom.

All riders will complete at least 1 Practice Run and get 2 Race Runs with the fastest time counting for their final category position.

Event Program: 

Saturday 11th March 2017

Aston Hill is open as normal and all riders must follow the local rules and fees.

The Race Course will be marked out on Saturday.

Saturday is not part of the Event. There are no Race Marshals or Medics on the track.

Registration – You can collect your Race Number Board on Saturday afternoon to save time on Sunday morning.

Please Note: You are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing on Saturday. 

Sunday 12th March 2017

8.15am to 10.00am – Registration Open

You must sign on and collect your number board before 10am on Sunday. All riders must sign on and collect their number boards before Race Practice on Sunday.

Please Note: Full Face Helmets must be worn and done up for Practice and the Race.

Race Practice and the Race Marshals will be positioned along the Course for your safety. They will have red and yellow flags, radio communications and be briefed the morning of the race.

8.45am – 10.45am – Race Practice all riders must complete a minimum of 1 full run in Practice.

11.00am – 3.30pm approx. – The Race Runs (2 Race Runs per rider, weather and light permitting)

4.00pm – Prize Presentations – Product prizes for the top three in each age category

Race Categories – No license is required to race.


Categories in Mountain Bike Racing are age and ability based.

Hardtail age – 13+

Ripper Age 10-12 – Riders in the years of their 10th, 11th and 12th birthday.

Juvenile Age 13-14 – Riders in the years of their 13th or 14th birthday.

Youth – Age 15-16 – Riders in the years of their 15th or 16th birthdays.

Junior – Age 17-18 – Riders in the years of their 17th and 18th birthdays.

Senior – Age 19-29 – Riders in the years of their 19th to 29th birthdays.

Master – Age 30-39 – Riders in the years of their 30th to 39th birthdays.

Veteran – Age 40+ – Riders in the years of their 40th birthday onwards.

Ladies – All ages

Expert/Elite – Open to Expert and Elite Competitors only.

Enter via the Eventbrite Website Here:-