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Rushmere Country Park – Ridge Riders Trails

When Ian heard that Aston Hill Bike Park was closing Rushmere Country Park immediately came to mind. Ian worked with the Greensands Trust to build the original network of mountain bike trails in the park and with the investment made and the new trails that were built following the filming of Matt Jones’s RedBull Epic Frames of Mind moving to Rushmere Country Park was a no brainer.

What Rushmere Park’s Ridge Riders Trails lack in elevation they more than make up for in the opportunity for rider progression. The trails are perfect for the developing your skills and giving you the understanding you need to build your technique and confidence. Of course the Skills System we use means that the skills you develop with us in Rushmere Park can be utilised on the trails you ride.

Aston Hill Bike Park

Despite Aston Hill Being closed due to Ash Dieback Ian continues his long association with Aston Hill Bike Park in Buckinghamshire. Pioneering the concept of the ‘Bike Park’  through Firecrest Mountain Biking Ian was the first Private Provider to work with the Forestry Commission to build a Purpose Built Mountain Bike Park on Aston Hill in England back in 1997. Ian then took on the development and running of Aston Hill from 1997 through to 2007 going full time in 2000. During that time Ian designed and built and maintained the Cross-Country and many of the now infamous Downhill Trails on Aston Hill.

Ian utilises the range of Mountain Bike Trails on Aston Hill to continue to run the Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Courses he started back in 1998. Few people know the trails and contours of Aston Hill like Ian does, clocking up thousands of hours out on the trails both Mountain Bike Trail Building and Skills Coaching, so you can be guaranteed you’ll be in safe hands.

Firecrest Mountain Biking Technical Partners

Providing a range of Market Leading Products and Support across the range of Mountain Bike Activities we promote.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Saracen Bikes

Saracen is one of Britain’s best known bicycle brands. Started in 1987, Saracen was a Market Leader during the early 90’s and in 2009 the brand was acquired by Madison, the UK’s number 1 Distributor to Independent Bike Retailers.

Firecrest Mountain Biking shares Saracen’s passion for bikes and their love for cycling. On our Mountain Bike Skills Courses we demonstrate that Saracen’s Range of Mountain Bikes is more than up to the job in hand. From the Zen 650b for XC and Trail Courses through to the Ariel for Enduro and DH plus the Myst for DH, Saracen bikes have it covered. We work closely with the Brand Managers and Designers providing feedback on how the bikes ride and what we’d like to see from Saracen in the future.

Ride Concept Shoes

The first MTB specific footwear company to offer a complete range of technically driven and tailored product for men, women and youth. Nestled in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California, Ride Concepts’ backyard is a proven testing ground of technical terrain. Their mission: to build the most comfortable, durable and reliable mountain bike footwear. Rider-designed. Rider-owned.

We are out on the trails in all conditions and we certainly put mountain bike footwear through its paces. For us it needs to comfortable, durable and up to the job. Ride Concept shoes have been a game changer when it comes to our MTB footwear. We recommend that everyone rides with specific to mountain bike shoes its a crucial contact point and a riders foot position and that all important contact between the foot and the pedal can be game changing which is exactly what RC Shoes are!


Mudhugger is British outfit with an great range of Mudguards that look just the ticket for year round riding. Mudhugger produce a front and rear mudguard available to fit different frames (there’s an Orange-specific version for example) and the plastic ‘guards fit to the frame using bolts or zip ties. Fitting mudguards to full suspension bikes has always been a problem, the typical solution has been seatpost mounted ‘guards. These are far more preferable, and because they sit so close to the tyre they are a lot more effective.

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