Ensuring a Safe Event – Spectator Safety

Firecrest MTB – Aston Hill Downhill

Ensuring A Safe Event – Spectator Information

All spectators are reminded that Mountain Biking can be dangerous and despite Firecrest MTB taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at the event at your own risk.

Firecrest MTB have done their best to ensure that you will be able to reach your chosen spectator viewing area without walking on the race track. If you decide to cross the race track please locate the nearest marshal and ask for assistance in crossing. Please ensure that at all times you walk and stand outside of the course tape. Competitors may be travelling at high speeds.

  • Consider your safety and that of others at all times.
  • We ask that you obey all instructions of marshals in relation to your safety and that of others.
  • Any verbal or physical abuse to members of the Race Organising Team will not be tolerated and any offenders may be detained, asked to leave the venue, and the Police may be called.
  • Please make sure you dress to take full account of the weather and be aware that the weather conditions may change at any time. Wear sturdy footwear for typical forest conditions.
  • Please ensure all dogs remain on a lead at all times and clear up any fouling.
  • Children and infants should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult at all times who are responsible for their behaviour and safety.
  • Beware of flying debris from passing racers.
  • Expect uneven or slippery surfaces.
  • Please do not physically interfere with the riders on the track but they will welcome your verbal support and encouragement.
  • Riders during racing are not allowed any outside assistance, outside assistance may mean the rider is disqualified from the event.
  • Do not alter the track marking tape, poles or the physical track itself.
  • If you are concerned with any part of the track or venue please inform the nearest marshal or Firecrest MTB.
  • In the event of an accident please ensure that the nearest marshal is aware of the situation and location and await their instruction. Please note Firecrest MTB have professional medics on site to administer all first aid.
  • Always spectate from above the track (never below).
  • Never stand on the outside of corners.
  • Pay attention at all times as the intervals between each rider will vary.
  • Respect everyone at the venue along with the signs and the course tape.
  • Do not lean over or under the course tape. Also, do not push on the tape to deviate the tape from the original line.
  • All spectators limbs must remain outside of the track as designated by the course tape. This also applies to any equipment such as cameras or camera poles.
  • Drones are not permitted onsite.
  • Spectators may not use any motorised transport around the race arena or on the hillside. Electric bicycles are permitted.
  • Smokers, please ensure all items are fully extinguished prior to disposal and dispose of all litter responsibly.
  • Do not abuse alcohol or consume any illegal drugs at the event.
  • Please dispose of all litter in the bins provided.
  • Fires, BBQ’s or Laser/Lazer Pens are not permitted at the side of the race track.
  • Chainsaws are not permitted at the event, this includes with the arm/chain removed.
  • Do not interfere with any emergency equipment or signage. Failure to abide by this rule will not be tolerated and any offenders may be detained, asked to leave the venue, and the Police may be called.
  • In the case of an emergency and the site has to be evacuated please follow the marshals’ instructions.