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A True Pioneer

Ian Warby has been running Mountain Bike Skills Courses and Mountain Bike Skills Training and Skills Coaching on Aston Hill since 1998.

After developing the first Forestry Commissions dedicated Mountain Bike Centre in the UK on Aston Hill, Ian spotted a gap in the market for ‘Ski School Style’ Mountain Bike Skills Instruction and Coaching.

Firecrest Mountain Biking has pioneered this ‘Concept’ and has been involved in the development of Mountain Bike Skills Instruction and Skills Coaching for 25 years.

Knowledge, Experiance, Passion and Enthusiasm

Ian has taught thousands of riders of all ages and abilities from beginners through to World Cup Riders, sharing his insights, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for Mountain Biking. He is always refining the way in which Mountain Bike Skills are delivered through the ‘Firecrest Mountain Bike Skills Training System’.

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The System Works

Firecrest Skills Coaching

Ian Warby from Firecrest Mountain Biking uses The Video App Coach’s Eye to review Josh’s practice runs in preparation for seeding at the National Championships.

The ‘Firecrest Mountain Bike Skills Training System’, known as ‘The System’ for short, is the result of years of Mountain Bike Skills Instruction and MTB Skills Coaching drawing on feedback from all the Mountain Bikers that Ian has taught and in depth research into the ‘Core System Elements’ that are the foundations of ‘The System’.

‘The System’ is driven by simple ‘Mechanical Principles’ and a  ‘Why to’ philosophy. By taking the ‘Mechanical Principle’ that a one, two, three, four step procedure will achieve the desired outcome and pairing that with a view on ‘Why’ you do something over ‘How’ you do something enables us to teach you the correct automatic (or sub-concious) response.

We then work with you to Train, Polish, Perfect and Embed the right responses to enable you develop your ‘Skill Set’. This may sound a bit ‘deep’, but it works and the results for riders of all ages and abilities prove how well ‘The System’ works.

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A National Perspective

Ian led Nationally on Mountain Biking at the Cycling Organisation CTC (Now Cycling UK) from 2007 through to 2014 and in that time one of his many Projects was to develop the CTC Mountain Bike Skills Instructor Award which was underpinned by the Firecrest Skills Training System and the Methodology he had developed Instructing and Coaching on Aston Hil.

Whilst at CTC Ian established and trained a UK wide Network of Mountain Bike Skills Instructors and Skills Coaches, training some of the UK’s leading Mountain Bike Skills Instructors with ‘The System’ being adopted and delivered by the best in the sector.

Early in 2014 CTC made Ian redundant. For most what would be seen as a set back was the perfect opportunity for Ian to take Mountain Bike Skills Instruction in the direction he wanted. Ian set up the Mountain Bike Consultancy, B1KE LTD, with Richard Kelly, combining Richard’s Skills Coaching business, All Biked Up, with Firecrest Mountain Biking.

Working with the Biggest Names in the Business

Ian and Richard through B1KE quickly established the B1KE Mountain Bike Skills Instructor Qualification as a market leader. With Bikepark Wales, One Planet Adventure at Coed Llandegla and Beics Brenin at Coed y Brenin all choosing B1KE to train and mentor their Mountain Bike Skills Instructors as they developed the Mountain Bike Skills Training aspect of their business. B1KE also trained a number of leading Independent Training Providers and the MTB Skills Instructors at Hadleigh Farm, the 2012 Olympic Mountain Bike Venue.

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Firecrest Mountain Biking – Rebooted!

In the Summer of 2016 Ian took the difficult decision to once again ‘head out on his own’ and ‘re-boot’ Firecrest Mountain Biking. He continues to focus on Mountain Bike Skills Training providing Skills Instruction and Skills Coaching to Mountain Bikers of all ages and abilities from Beginners through to Mountain Bike Racers competing on the World stage at UCI Downhill and Cross-Country Races and for competitors racing the Enduro World Series, International Enduro Events and Trans-Mountain Epics around the World.

Staying Ahead – Bringing the latest Technology to the Trail and Track Side

Coaches Eye - Video

Coaches Eye not only provides us with the opportunity to give you trailside video feedback. We utilise the range of tools built into the program to give you the right feedback to make big improvements to your riding.

As one of the pioneers of Mountain Bike Skills Instruction and Skills Coaching there are few Instructors with Ian’s experience and in-depth understanding of how to develop your Mountain Bike Skills. Using the latest technology Ian can give you the ultimate insight into your riding using the I-Pad App, Coach’s Eye, in conjunction on the ‘Race Courses’ with the Freelap Digital Timing System to provide unique rider Feedback, Insights and to Track your Progression.

Your in Safe Hands…

One thing is for sure you’ll come away from your Mountain Bike Skills Course with Firecrest Mountain Biking riding faster and with more confidence, plus the all important in depth understanding of how to use ‘The System’ so you will be able to continue to develop your ‘Skill Set’ to ride with more confidence and get even more enjoyment from your time spent Mountain Biking.

Are you Looking to Master Mountain Biking and learn from one of the most experienced Mountain Bike Skills Instructors and Mountain Bike Skills Coaches in the UK?  Contact Ian and Book your Mountain Bike Skills Training Course today>>

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