Mountain Bike Jumps and Drops Courses

Looking to ‘fly’ over the jumps and ‘float off’ the drops on the Mountain Bike Trails across the UK?

Firecrest MTB’s Mountain Bike Jumps and Drops Course covers all the essentials that will have you hitting Jumps and Drop Off’s with confidence, speed and flow giving you the air time adrenalin rush.

The Experience That Gets Results

Firecrest Mountain Biking  has been training with riders to improve their Jumps and Drops for 25 years. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to working with riders improve their confidence when both wheels are off the ground. Firecrest MTB’s proven approach works with you to build your understanding of how to ride jumps and drops building your confidence leading to big improvements in your Jumps and Drops Technique.

The Perfect Choice of Trail Features and Progression

With it’s choice of Trail Features Rushmere Country Park offers the perfect progression for Firecrest Mountain Biking’s Jumps and Drop Skills Course with a range of Small, Medium and Large Jumps and Drops to work with enabling you to progress your skills at a pace to suit.

Mind over Matter – The Mental Essentials

If you find yourself ‘freezing’ at the thought of your wheels leaving the ground or hauling on the brakes as you approach a Jump or Drop this is the perfect Course for you.

We’ve worked with thousands of riders giving them all an insight into their ‘Skills Set’ and the Techniques that underpin the techniques required when riding over Jumps and Drops. ‘The System’ that underpins Firecrest’s Mountain Bike Skills Instruction and Coaching looks at all the elements from Mountain Bike Set Up through to the Psychology behind what’s holding you back unblocking the Mental aspects of your riding and giving you the Confidence to leave the ground and get some air when you need it most.

Your course will be tailored to meet your individual needs from ‘novice’ to ‘experienced’ riders looking to perfect their technique, find more speed and a bigger adrenalin rush.

The latest Tech to give you the Ultimate Insights Into Your Technique

Firecrest Mountain Biking use the latest technology to give you the ultimate insight into your riding. Using the I-Pad App, Coach’s Eye, enabling us to show you exactly what’s happening and where you can make the improvements to fine tune your ‘Skill Set’ to hone your Jump and Drop Technique.

We cover the following on your Jumps and Drops Course:

Why it’s important to get your Bike set up right with a focus on understanding:

  • Making the right tyres choice and running the correct tyre pressure.
  • Getting your suspension set up for you and why tuning your suspension to the trail will enable you to ride Jumps and Drop Off’s with more confidence.
  • Optimising brake lever set up to improve the way you ride and develop confidence on your bike.

Improving your skills and confidence on the bike including understanding:

  • The importance of how your Body Position, Footwork, Looking and Speed Control effect how you ride the trail.
  • The composition of the trail and the importance of why the Entry, Section and Exit and how trails are linked and layered are so important.
  • The importance of Energy Management (Pumping) by introducing you to how you can make the bike work with you and gain free energy and speed from the trail.
  • The importance of ‘performance cues’ and how to ensure they don’t effect how you ride.
  • An introduction to the psychology of mountain biking. Including the importance of focusing on the right things at the right time and taking control of your mental game.

Your course will cover all or a selection of the following:

  • Jumps
  • Drops
  • Pumping (Energy Management)

Course Duration and Pricing:

Duration – Any (2hrs minimum)

We have a simple pricing structure for our 1-2-1 Courses: –

1-2-1 – 2 hours MTB Skills Coaching – £100.00
1-2-1 – 3 hours MTB Skills Coaching – £150.00 – Special Offer only £125.00
1-2-1 – 4 hours MTB Skills Coaching – £200.00

Add additional Participants for £10.00 per person, per hour for up to 4 Participants. 

If your looking to book a Group Course for 5+ participants please Contact Us

Dates – Any time, any date (subject to availability)



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