Adult RDP – Downhill and Enduro MTB Skills Training – Next Course Date!

Sunday 21st May – 9.30am – 1pm
Aston Hill Bike Park

The Firecrest Mountain Biking Rider Development Programme (RDP) based at Aston Hill Bike Park have Coached some of the fastest Downhill and Enduro Racers in the UK. Following the success of the first days coaching Firecrest MTB have set up the next days training on Sunday 9th April. This is your chance to join a Group Skills Course for riders aged 18 years and over, focussed on Race Skills Development to optimise your 2017 Race Season.

Firecrest Mountain Biking’s Skills Training is underpinned by ‘The System’ our proven Skills Training method which supports our ‘holistic approach’ to MTB Skills Development. ‘The System’ enables us to work with you and give you an insight into ‘why to do’ things over ‘how to do’ them. This in turn gives you a unique perspective on polishing your Skills and how to imporove your performace when you’re racing.

This Group Course will enable you to access Firecrest MTB Skills Training at a significantly reduced rate. It is a chance to join a focussed Training Group aimed at enabling you to achieve your Race Results Target for 2017.

“Cheers Ian for the Devo today. Felt like that was the key to unlocking the next level of riding potential. Quality of tuition was second to none. Learned so much”. – Ed Meakes -12.02.17

The Course is ideal for Downhill and Enduro Racers new to the Firecrest MTB Skills Courses and riders that have previously had MTB Skills Training from Firecrest Mountain Biking. The Course will cover an introduction to the ‘The System’ and then a range of ‘Technical Trail Features’ including but not limited too; Jumps, Drops Corners and Techincal Downhill Sections showing how you can use ‘The System’ to optimise your Skills, Mindset, and give your best Performance come race day.

‘The System’ will enable you to understand how to optimise your Racing Performance and easily identify areas that you need to focus on as you prepare for the Race Season. Tapping into our experience will give you the knowlege and confidence needed to ‘fast track’ the improvements to gain those minutes, seconds or tenth of a second imporvements to your race results in 2017.